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Get it, get it now!

Phenomenal, I had seen a few posts of people using this diffuser on ig and was curious so I pulled the trigger and bought one. Ordered it Friday and received it the following Monday(insanely fast shipping and response time) the entire apparatus is ingeniously laid out and the photos I’ve taken so far have blown me away. Zero negatives only positives. If you’re in the fence don’t wait. It’s a fantastic addition to any macro photographers tool box

AK Diffuser Mini

Ordered my AK diffuser mini on the 16th received on the 20th. Amazing! It's everything they say it is. Very well designed, light weight, compact, fits like a glove. Great price. Just what I was looking for. It's awesome. Thank you Zamir!
- Neal Owen

Amazing Quality

The diffuser is extremely well made and the attention to detail is great! I’m very happy I chose to order one. The service and communication was excellent! Thank you again!
- Roman

Excellent Quality Diffuser

I am very fortunate to live close enough that I was able to pick up my custom diffuser in person and the gentleman that creates this is very friendly, knowledgeable and talented. This diffuser is rugged and durable. I almost don't want to tear it down, it looks like a work of art! Very much looking forward to cooler weather so I can take it out to the public gardens and get some great macro photos!
- Thomas Macioszek

Love my diffuser

Love my AK diffuser. I'm sending a friend to you. His name is Al Perry
- Eric Gofreed

A brilliant customized diffuser

The AK Diffuser provides perfect diffusion and light while being sturdy, durable and made of quality materials that will last long. It fits perfectly with my setups and with the additional kicker/reflector it is one of the most flexible and effective pieces of gear you could buy for macro photography. I own both the Mpe65 version (for my heavy DSLR FF setup) and the 'Mini' (for my small & lightweight OM System MFT setup). If there is ONE thing you need to get to produce high quality macro photos, it is a good diffuser - trust me on that. www.wildmacro.de
- Chris