Gem for Macro Photography Enthusiasts

I recently acquired the AK macro photography diffuser, and I couldn’t be more impressed. The product’s quality is exceptional, delivering results that surpass my expectations. The additional LED light is powerful, making my work more efficient and detailed. The clever Raynox holder stands out, not only facilitating lens transport but also ensuring careful handling. Assembling and disassembling the diffuser is a quick and easy task, adding convenience to every photo session. What truly stands out is the affordable price compared to the value this diffuser brings. A real bargain for any photographer seeking quality and functionality! Overall, highly recommended!
- Cristian Koch

Best background cards in the biz

The set of background cards are exactly what I've been looking for. They're the perfect size, durable, non-reflective, and offer a great variety of colors.
- Ben Salb

Outstanding Service!

My parcel was lost by FedEx. I emailed Zamir and I got this response from him: Hello Terry, In this case we will assume all the expenses but we will be happy to do so and we are truly sorry for what happened, it is not our fault but it is not yours either and our priority is you. We hope that it will soon be in your hands and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inconvenience. The replacement arrived in New Zealand within a week! Thank you Zamir!
- Terry Robinson


Came in one week brilliant
- Brian Cross

Light quality!

I've been really enjoying a huge improvement in my macro images. The softness of the light enables me to pull so much more detail out of my images. It is very challenging at the best of times to achieve the necessary focus, and finding glare and reelections can be disappointing! The AK diffuser enables me to get the most out of my equipment.
- Richard Anderson

Great Service

Wow. So impressed with your service. Ordered and received within a week's time. Most refreshing. Make me feel you folks really care about your customers. Just received today so haven't tried the diffuser, but assembly was a breeze with You Tube VIDEO. Quality of materials is excellent. Kudos. Great company. John L.
- John LeClair

A Perfect All Round Experience

My experience with AK has been perfect. Brilliant product, excellent service and very quick delivery. Ordered an AK Mini for my Nikon Z5, Laowa 85 mm lens and Godox TT350 flash. Placed my order on the 23rd of September and it arrived on the Isle of Wight in the UK six days later - now that's fast especially as I chose the cheapest shipping option. I forgot to advise AK what camera I was using but they contacted me to check - service plus. AK Mini arrived and fits my 'rig' perfectly. Very well made, easy to assemble and provides good light transmission coupled with excellent diffusion. Really like the focus assistance light and the fact that it comes with an on/off switch. The bonus items - soft case, backgrounds, flexible arm and carabiner - were a pleasant surprise. Some on-line reviewers complain about the price but having built a few diffusers myself, I think the AK Mini represents excellent value for money. My advice is if you're considering buying one, go for it. I don't think you will be disappointed.
- Anthony Calvert

Bang For Buck

My review of the AK Diffuser. The best thing I have ever purchased for photography considering satisfaction in the results achieved vs item cost.
- Michael Eckstein

Very nice!

I have the AK diffuser for a month and I can’t be happier. Very well packed, and nice communication with Zamir. You can believe or not, but the diffuser takes your macro photography to another level. Good light is almost everything!
- Carlos

Product himself

I have receive my AK. Good boxing of the product. The softshell for storing product,is a good surprise. Thank you Jocelyn
- Jocelyn Simard

The Best Diffuser in the world

Thank you Zamir! I received my AK Diffuser 4 days early! Very fast shipping service! Assembly is easy and intuitive. Everything matches perfectly. The flash light is radiated perfectly thanks to the materials used which are at the excellent and professional. I absolutely recommend the purchase. Good light to everyone.
- Luca

Love the consistent even light

My photos have gotten so much better since switching to this from a simple jack-in-the-box model. Wish I could get a second medallion/velcro to put another raynox on the other side.
- Claus Giloi

Missing piece of the jigsaw

I am new to macro photography and I quickly learned that a diffuser is an essential element. My research brought me to AK diffuser. Not as cheap as some of the diffusers I looked at but in my opinion worth the money. It’s custom made to fit my kit, arrived (in Scotland) promptly, looks great and importantly lights my subjects brilliantly. Happy customer.
- Iain Whyte

Perfect even light

This diffuser has taken my photos to a different level. Couldn't ask for much more (other than being able to see through it 🙂
- Claus Giloi

has arrived

Many thanks to AKdiffusor, The item reached me within a few days. From the USA to Germany in record time. The quality of the goods is wonderful. Thanks very much Vielen, vielen Dank greeting from Germany
- Frank Wolter


Received my diffuser yesterday, excellent construction, works beautiful diffusing the light. Excellent customer service, friendly and helpful. Definitely worth it!
- Nestor


Perfect quality! Supernice and personal contact with support. Fast shipping, diffusor fits and works perfectly, thank you so much!
- Sarah

Just ordered

Just ordered the AK Diffuser last night and he shipped this morning! He answered all my questions about the diffuser and I can’t wait to have it on my hands. Definitely recommended.
- Nestor

Get it, get it now!

Phenomenal, I had seen a few posts of people using this diffuser on ig and was curious so I pulled the trigger and bought one. Ordered it Friday and received it the following Monday(insanely fast shipping and response time) the entire apparatus is ingeniously laid out and the photos I’ve taken so far have blown me away. Zero negatives only positives. If you’re in the fence don’t wait. It’s a fantastic addition to any macro photographers tool box

AK Diffuser Mini

Ordered my AK diffuser mini on the 16th received on the 20th. Amazing! It's everything they say it is. Very well designed, light weight, compact, fits like a glove. Great price. Just what I was looking for. It's awesome. Thank you Zamir!
- Neal Owen

Amazing Quality

The diffuser is extremely well made and the attention to detail is great! I’m very happy I chose to order one. The service and communication was excellent! Thank you again!
- Roman

Excellent Quality Diffuser

I am very fortunate to live close enough that I was able to pick up my custom diffuser in person and the gentleman that creates this is very friendly, knowledgeable and talented. This diffuser is rugged and durable. I almost don't want to tear it down, it looks like a work of art! Very much looking forward to cooler weather so I can take it out to the public gardens and get some great macro photos!
- Thomas Macioszek

Love my diffuser

Love my AK diffuser. I'm sending a friend to you. His name is Al Perry
- Eric Gofreed

A brilliant customized diffuser

The AK Diffuser provides perfect diffusion and light while being sturdy, durable and made of quality materials that will last long. It fits perfectly with my setups and with the additional kicker/reflector it is one of the most flexible and effective pieces of gear you could buy for macro photography. I own both the Mpe65 version (for my heavy DSLR FF setup) and the 'Mini' (for my small & lightweight OM System MFT setup). If there is ONE thing you need to get to produce high quality macro photos, it is a good diffuser - trust me on that. www.wildmacro.de
- Chris

Best light Difusser

Sincerely, the AK light diffuser has helped me learn and understand photography at another level. After making myself and trying many diffusers, there is nothing like this product. The light diffuses so softly on the subjects that I feel like I've finally started into the world of macro photography and I'm completely done with the frustration of losing shots or blurring them due to lack of light. This product is highly recommended and I am a faithful testimony that it meets its objective and goes beyond expectations.
- Guille M.

Truly amazing diffuser

Hi, my name is Oscar, I’m a photographer from south Florida specialized in macro, I have been testing all models of the AK diffuser since the beginning and I can guarantee that right now all the models are truly amazing piece of art, the design is so professionally done, the materials are so durable, the output light is very soft and so well diffused, you will never get a hard light again that you probably have with just a regular speedlight flash without a diffuser. I want to recommend you to try the new mini ak diffuser for those people that have small systems and love to travel ligh, it’s so powerful. Totally recommend all of them.
- Oscar


Me ha gustado muchísimo este difusor, nunca había visto un producto hecho con tantos detalles y con una calidad de materiales muy alta y resistente... El difusor pasó mis expectativas ya que da una iluminación envolvente y pareja en las flores e insectos, lo mejor de todo es que no deja reflejos no deseados en los ojos o gotas. El hecho de tener también un accesorio para dejar puesto mi lentilla raynox lo hace mas versátil aun ya que no tienes que dejarla en la mochila, basta con dejarla enganchada en la base que trae y listo.
- @ai.fineart
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